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SIAM Jewelry 
I do not know how I got started with SIAM jewelry collection.  However, the more I take a look at each piece, the more I am proud of my old nation.  Before I become realized, I have truly enjoyed a variety of my SIAM sterling silver jewelry collection. 
Siamese Sterling Silver Jewelry

Siam, changed the name to “Thailand” in 1939, has a long tradition of fine metal and silver works. The silversmith of Siamese and/or Thai jewelry is special and appealing. Siamese silver jewelry found today in the collectable market is mostly “niello” or “nielloware” style, created by carving out areas of the silver and baking a sulfur/metals powder in the carved out areas. The design often displays Mekkala, the Goddess of Lightning, and represents the Thai version of Ramayana, an ancient Sanskrit epic from a Hindu religious tale, which had a profound impact on art and culture of Thailand. This design with a contrast of colors between the black field and highlighted silver is usually a typical, unique, distinctive look of Siamese silver jewelry, as is shown in most pieces. 




















Special Offer 

Here are SIAM/THAILAND jewelry with a special offer from me to you.  Please come back and check often since I will be adding more pieces especially when I find more time.  You may also check my eBay Store to find some unique items.
In addition to SIAM sterling silver, my favorite collection includes Native American jewelry, estate jewelry, antique items, and designers' sterling silver jewelry.
Guest Forum

I have been receiving quite a number of emails with questions about Siam jewelry an Thai Princess rings.  Therefore, I will post questions and answers here, especially if that would be beneficial to many others ~ Joy

It has been quite some time that I have not really updated my website.  Please accept my apology for having not replied to any questions, especially regarding Siam Setrling jewelry as well.  Kindly stay tune since I should be posting some more articles about SIAM JEWELRY.


Dr. Joy

December 2011

12/10/09 Dr. Joy,

I found your website today. I would like to send you a picture of two Thai Princess rings I have. Both have been verified as genuine gemstones by a jeweler.

The emerald ring has (I believe) 32 stones, but one is missing. The other ring has 18 small rubies, one larger ruby on top, and then 8 other larger stones. The ring with the variety of gemstones was purchased in the 1960's from "Jimmy Jewelry" in Bangkok Thailand.

I'm wanting to sell these rings and am trying to get some general idea of their value. I tried to e-mail you with my photo attachment, but it came back undeliverable. Is there another way I can attach my photos for you to look at? Thanks so much!

Brenda Grant

Hi Joy, I am a 68 yr old metal detectorist living in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. I recently found a ring on a local beach nearby my home. It appears to be very old, it has SIAM 925 STERLING stamped inside. It is 23mm in diameter, the widest point of the ring is 20mm & has an oval fitting set in it. Each side of that is either a dancer or goddess, very faint to see. There is still black enamelling in places. I am curious to know about this ring as until now I did not realise Siam made such beautiful jewellry. Getting information has not been easy as there is conflict re the name. My question is 'was the name SIAM discontinued after 1939?' I am trying to date it, and I am sure we will never know how it came to be on the beach. I cannot do macro photography otherwise I would send you a picture. However I could go to a pro if need be.


Kind regards

~ Philip Jenkins 


If possible, I would like to know what the Thai princess ring sold for. I had one nearly identical which was stolen in a burglary this week and the police & ins. have asked for an idea of value. It was given to me by my Dad, so I don't know. Thanks much for any help you can give.

~ Sharon 

i had this in my family for at least 30 yrs do uyou have any idea what it's worth? it's marked willy co. on backl and silver95 siam if u couldhelp thanks a lot you seem to know what your talking about on siam jewlery i spend 4 hrs today researching willy co. and nothing to be found go figure the internet thank you
~ robert 
11/22/09 Joy, While cleaning out my garage today I found a red enamal and silver bracelet. It reads siam sterling on the inside. After researching all day, I found the same one on your site in black and silver. Can you give me any more information about this and possibly the value of this. I also found a box with an old camera and some other jewelry in it. Kind of an exciting day.
~ Chuck
11/21/09I'm wondering if you can help. I once had a ringwhich i now know was a niello ring with Mekkala on. It was a ring that opened up which was for 2 tiny photos i think. The arms were heavy and engraved and the ring could be sized to your finger easily.

I am desperate to replace this ring that came off my finger whilst diving in Koh Phi Phi as it was my grandmothers.

Have you ever come across a ring with this description? If you have any extra information for me it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
~ Claire
11/19/09Hello..I have been trying to get a monitory value on a three piece set of Antique Siam Jewery I've had from my grandmother.
It is stamped made in Siam...
It is silver and has figures intact on it, and also Turquoise...something like a baroque you have a pic of on your site...I have a necklace, bracket ..all in excellent condition...I could take a picture for you to see it..
Could you try to or would you be interested in the purchase of it
~ Judith T 
My grandmother gave me a siam necklace. You have a picture of it on your web site. I was just wondering if you could help me to learn the history and value of the necklace. I am tring to learn about the jewlery I have before I pass it down to my grand children.
Thank You
~ Virginia H

hi! my mother in law has a thai princess ring that is gold and sapphire. the stones are all small and round i think . there are three layers of them and then the larger center stone. unlike other princess rings i have seen where there are some pear shaped and other stones, these are all the same...small and round and go around like three circles/layers. do you have any like this?! thanks!

~ scotty brisson


ps i just emailed you. then i looked more on your site at your princess rings. the one i asked about looks almost just like the sapphire one you have posted under princess rings. it's the first ring in the third column down under your princess rings section. my mother in law would never give it to me i'm sure but i love it so looking for my own! thanks so much! scotty brisson


ok so i looked at them again and although the stones are sapphire it actually looks most like the pink and gold ring that is the middle ring in the second column of your princess rings. the sapphire one you have pictured is difft in that the prongs stick out a lot. the one i like looks design wise more like the pink one. and on the side of the ring it has lovely gold flowers...i hope you can help me and so sorry for all the emails! thanks, scotty

10/20/09I ran across your website while looking for information on a bracelet (actually a cuff, I believe it's called) that a friend gave me. The bracelet belonged to her mom or grandmother. It is similar to a cuff you have in your pictures of your jewelry on your homepage (picture 12 counting left to right) only mine has mermaids on it and a winged creature on the front with a Siamese is numbered 939, is the Thai kanon Silver, has on it that is is handmade in Siam and has a crest on the back or it looks like a crest of some kind. I would send a photo but I don't have a digital camera at the moment. My question is, do you know about what it might be worth? I would like to sell it as it has no value to me...ohh it has the black or gray-blue color on it I have read about on other sites. I hope you can help me or point me in the direction of someone who can? Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.
I appreciate anything you can tell me or anyway you can help me!
~ Jan McMichael

Thank you for replying to my email. Sorry I have not replied sooner!

I have attached 3 pictures of the jewellery I bought at a garage sale for £5.00- what do you think?

Did I get them for a bargain?

Have you any idea how much they would be worth and the history of these pieces?

Thank you for your time and interest.


Kind Regards

~ Anne Rendle




I wonder if you would be able to help me find a piece of jewellery.  Forty years ago my late father gave me a Siamese silver bracelet, the enamelling on which was red.  Unfortunately, I lent it to a friend and she managed to lose it. 
I have never seen one like it since and as my Mother, who is 88 years old now tells me that she preferred it to the black one my Father bought for her at the same time, I am keen to find one for her. 
Do you have any idea where I might buy such a bracelet?
~ Andrea Peddie


I have a set, earrings, necklace and brooch in the ORIGINAL box, from a company in Hong Kong. These pieces are new. Never worn and were stored. Box has flip open lid and is slightly worn. $60 entire set.

looked at your collection.... Fabulous! Please contact me. Thank you.

~ Marcia Wala


Joy, great website. I recently purchased a Siam Sterling bracelet at a church vintage jewelry sale. It's in excellent condition, fairly heavy and after I cleaned it, found the imagery to be intriquing. I know very little about Thai culture, and was wondering what the symbols represent. Is it religious? There are 9 stainless panels which appear to be dancing ladies, triple elephant, one with a sword, one with wings, one maybe praying...just curious as to the symbolism. Are they Goddesses?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. KBV

~ Kathy Vaughan


My apology for having not replied much sooner!  Many of the characters shown in Siamese jewelry are characters originally found in the Hindu legend "Ramayana" or the Thai version is called "Ramakien".  It is not religious and most characters are goddesses.  The material used for the bracelet is sterling silver not stainless.
~ Joy

I have a siam, I thought was called a siamese, ring my Dad gave me when I was 5, I am now 49. I wanted a ring like my older sister but he thought I'd lose it & I promised I wouldn't. He died when I was 8 and I never took it off until I was probably in my 30's. My own daughter will be 21 and I want to have it repainted - funny my Mom now does china and other painting. Where could I find an image of the original print on the ring (worn off now of course) and do you know about painting black on silver? Thanks so much!

~ Karen Blackburn


I believe that the ring you have is "niello" typed not a regular painting.  The process is done exclusively and more details can be found here:
~ Joy

I just purchased a few pieces of Siam jewelry, black and silver. I also got a bangle bracelet with blue enemal. I would like to know how to clean these pieces since they seem very dirty. I found some in a flea market box and not from a fine jewelry store. Thank you for your help.

~ Terrie Hendricks


To clean silver jewelry, I prefer using polishing cloth (or silver cloth).  This will help your jewelry stay brighter for a longer period of time (oxidize more slowly) than when using a ''dip'' cleaning solution.
~ Joy

Hi, I have a pin I am sure it is Thai.
I don't know the value of it or where to take it.It was my moms.
it is old/she was 92 .Perhaps you could help. Thanks

~ Cathy Amend


I believe from what you told that it's a Siamese pin.  It could possibly be engraved as "SIAM" but some parts are hard to read.
~ Joy

Hi there. I love the Thai princess rings you have on your site and have been looking like crazy to purchase on. Do you have any more or know where i can find one? Thank you.

~ Marisa Szczepan


Thanks for your kind note.  Please come back and check on my website, I should have some proncess rings up for sale soon.
~ Joy

I have come across a substantial amount of old Siam Jewelry. I would be interested in discussing a possible sale. I have reviewed your collection on your site, and none of your pieces are an exact match to mine. Please let me know if you would be interested in viewing my collection, or if you knew of someone directly that may be interested. I look forward to your response.
~ Marcia


I appreciate your message and am sorry for getting back to you this late.  Your message arrived while we were in Thailand and since our return in September I have been busy with school and holidays.  I just got an opportunity today to reply all of the messages as well as updating my website before our trip out of town again tomorrow.
Kindly send me some photos of your Siam jewelry collection.  I might consider purchasing them (if price right!).
~ Joy

My sister-in-law is Thai, and she gave to me a 9-gem princess ring that her mother had purchased in Burma many years ago. It does not fit me, and my daughter does not want it, so I thought I would see how much it is worth. Your site seems to be the only one that shows the exact ring that I have. Could you please estimate the ring's value for me? Thank you.

~ Joanna Izzard


The price of 9-gem princess ring depends greatly upon the material used, i.e., gold content and quality of gemstones.  Rings can be made of 10K, 14K, 18K, diamonds, white sapphire, etc.  Therefore, it cannot precisely estimate the price unless an antique jewelry appraiser can give you a better opinion.  However, what I have seen while observing the 9-gem princess rings in the market, the retail price can vary from $300-$500.  One thing that you should be aware of is that an antique piece can increase in its value if it becomes a sought-after for many people.
~ Joy

I have purchased a silver and yellow enamel bracelet, with bells. You have them pictured in other colors, however you do not have a price on them. I paid $20.00 for this bracelet, just wanted to know its true worth. It is signed Siam.

Thank you for any help you can give.
~ Linda Fisher


Your purchase price of $20 is quite a good deal.  Such a rare antique item should worth more.  Congratulations!
~ Joy

I wasn’t sure where to ask so I thought I would ask you as you seem to have some expertise in vintage Siamsilver.


My hobby is metal detecting in the water here in Canada and I was lucky enough to dig up this ring in about 5 feet of water and 12 inches deep into the muddy bottom.  It was very encrusted but after some time it cleaned up not too bad.  The markings lead me to believe it may have been made in Siam.  I like to try to identify whatever I find as I add it to my collection.


I hoping you may be able to identify the markings.

I thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


This is the ring in found condition.


After cleaning.


The marks.


Any ideas? Thank you,

~ Dave Anderson


It's my pleasure to assist you with the Siam jewelry.  It's so amazing to hear that you found this piece while digging that deep.  Absolutely, the piece you found is Siam silver ring.  However, the niello part (a black metallic alloy of sulfur, copper, silver, and lead) is missing because of an erosion occurred while being buried under the ground.  You may learn more about the Siam (Thailand) niello from this link:
~ Joy

Your antique Thai princess ring is Identical to the one my dad got my mom 40 years ago except it diamonds where the sapphire is at on yours could you tell me how much it would be worth today. He bought it from Mr Johny Su. Thank You

~ Pamlla Mann


The retail price of Thai princess rings is dependent largely on the material used (gold content) as well as the quality of gemstones.  In the U.S. today market, it could range between $300 - $500.
~ Joy

I have a bracelet similar to the top one on the centre top row photos of your web site. It was the first present given to me by my husband around 39 years ago so is of sentimental value. Unfortunately I put it is some home made silver cleaner many years ago and the shine came off the black on the bracelet so I can't wear it which upset me greatly. Do you know what it can do to make it as good as new as I can?

~ Tricia Perkins


I am sorry to hear about the cleaning incidence of your Siam niello jewelry.  Please don't be too upset.  I personally prefer cleaning silver with a jewelry cleaning cloth.  However, I also prefer to wear old silver pieces not new, shiny look.
~ Joy

I am interested in the nine gem princess rings. Could you send memore info and pictures of these rings and their prices.

~ Shirley Farrar


Hi I have just bought my first 2 pieces of Siam jewellry at a local garage sale.One is a pendant/brooch in a heart shape with black enamel featuring thunder and lightening and a necklace with four flower shaped discs featuring thunder,lightening,happiness and another one i cant work out on a fine chain!They cost £5.00 for the set. I had no idea what they were all about until i found your website but they just appealed to me!I came home and cleaned them up with silver polish-I hope I have done the right thing!I would love to know the age and history plus the value of them.The brooch/pendant says LINGS or LINDS sterling thailand and the necklace shows a hallmark and 975 silver made in siam.Could i send you a photo of them?? I would be so grateful for your knowledge on them
~ Mary-Anne


Sorry for having not written to you much sooner.  This year August was the month that we visited Thailand.  And I have tried to catch up with things since our return, with the end of summer and the beginning of school year. 
Congratulations on your ownership of Siam jewelry.  The pieces and their legend may have some meanings to those who adore them.  Please send me the photos so that I can closely look at them.
~ Joy

I am interested in a siam ring and bracelet and was wondering if they are available for purchasing.

~ Michael


Thank you for your interest in Siam sterling jewelry.  I will have some jewelry available for purchasing some time after our return from Thailand trip.  Please keep checking back.  However, you may search for other possible Siam jewelry on
~ Joy

I have 2 pairs of sterling siam earbobs with elephantson one an dancer on the other, it,s blue back ground dark blue,images r gold color ,,can u tell me anything about these and what they might be worth?,,thanks

~ lynn


Is it possible to send me some photos of the earrings so that I can comment about the price ~ Joy


yes will send them sometime 2 day camera messed up an being worked on but will get them 2 u as soon as i can,,sorry bout my write,n as i only have 1 hand 2 use crippled with arthritis ,an do best i can, thanx

~ Lynn


Joy, I have a siam bracelet that is just like the one you have on your home page (it is the last bracelet) I have had it for about 25 years,I found it many years ago in the garbage. the inside of the bracelet it has made in saim and sterling ,it has the dancing ladies on it,would you know about how much it is worth? thank you

~ JoAnn 


I am not sure which bracelet you mean.  Any photos of the bracelet will be helpful in estimating the price.

~ Joy


I am looking for a Thai Princess ring. Old style with the 9 gems. Please let me know if you have one for sale.

~ Patricia


I have several Thai Princess rings for sale.  However, we will be leaving for Thailand and I will list them upon our return.  Please check back or I will contact you once the sales are on.

~ Joy 

Good morning,
I have some antique Siam Sterling Jewelry that was left to me by my mom.  I am interested in selling these items.  Do you purchase or know of dealers that purchase these types of items from the general public.  Thank you for your time.
~ Ron 

I just found 2 pair of clip on earings in orginal box with designs of 3 elephants. Found in with assorted nails believe it or not. I have been searching your site and see what looks like a metal box with this same design. From looking at pictures on your site, I see a bracelett that I have had for years, the one with the dancing women.

Please e-mail me on what you think of the earings. I am extremely curious. Thank you

~ Juanita


Thanks for your message regarding Siam jewelry and sorry for having not written to you sooner. 
It would be nice if you can send me some photos of the earrings. 
~ Joy 

I have some small pieces of siam silver which I have collected over a few years however no longer wear. I would like to sell these pieces but dont know the best route to do so, or who to sell them to. Would you be interested in buying my pieces or could you advise me on the best selling method?

~ Christine

Thanks for your message regarding Siam jewelry.  To sell it, one easy way is to sell it on eBay.  However, the eBay price might not be too high, depending upon the uniqueness of each piece, as well as demands and supplies.
If you wish, please send me some photos.  I, myself, am collecting Siam silver jewelry.
 ~ Joy 

Hi I got this ring from my gran when she died. It is a Siam Silver Ring bought in the 1920s. It was admired by a jelwerler when i went one day to buy other things. i was wondering if i can send a picture to you of the ring and the stamp on it if you would be able to help me of the orgin and the value of this ring. i am unsure if i should get it insured (or not) i dont want to sell it as it has sentamental value but am intressed in the history and orgin of this ring.

many thanks in advance for you help

~ Niki


Thanks for contacting me regarding a Siam silver ring. 
Please send me a photo of the ring so that I can better assist you.
~ Joy 

I am on your website, but how do I find out how much a certain item is and how do I order it if I want to buy a piece. I am interested in the Siam Jewelry

~ Christine


Hi Christine,
Thanks for contacting me.  The jewelry for sale is on /Pages/collection.aspx  Other than that, I have not listed them for sale, or they are either sold or part of my collection.  I should list some of them for sale soon both on this website or eBay (
~ Joy

Hello Joy,
I am looking for 2 or 3 Thai Princess Rings that you have shown on your website. You have them listed as "sold". My father was a pilot in WWII and one of his many gifts he brought back to our mother was a beautiful princess ring. After our mother's death the ring was "sold" by an ex-member sister-in-law. The 3 daughters have always wanted one like out mother's, but have been unable to find them. Can you get any more and if so, what is the price-range? We would be very interested in purchasing. Thank you for your help.
~ Rene' 


Thank you for contacting me.  I am gald to hear that your family had once owned Thai Princess ring.  This special kind is quite unique and has truly become a rare find piece.  I have quite a few pieces in my collection and will list them for sale some time soon.  You might find some Thai Princess rings for sale on eBay.  However, the eBay price varies (from $250-$375) dependent upon the gold content as well as the quality of the stones.  Since this special ring is antique and rare, I found it in Thailand market much higher price ($350-$600).
Please check back more often or I'll let you know if once I have them up for sale.
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.
~ Joy
Thank you so much for your reply about the Thai princess rings. Let me know when you put your list online. I prefer to work with a private party instead of Ebay. I'd like to purchase 2 for my sister who was supposed to get the one I spoke about, and one for myself. Thanks very much for your time. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.
~ Rene'
Joy -- I inherited several pieces of jewelry from my grandmother from Siam who died in 1995 at the 89 after living a long wonderful life. There is one set of which I can't seem to find any information about.  It is a sterling silver necklace and a pair of clip-on ear rings in a fish pattern -- see attached photos.  There is a stamp on the back of the necklace that says "Thai Nakon Sterling Thailand".  I believe Thai Nakon was a jewelry manufacturer.  Any information, including value, would be appreciated.
Many thanks.
Thanks for contacting me regarding the Siam jewelry you inherited from your grandmother.  The pieces are stunning and I've never seen it anywhere.  Yes, Thai Nakon is one of the biggest and most famous manufacturer, and they are still making niello silver/gold jewelry.
For an old/antique piece of jewelry, the price depends greatly upon demand, rarity, and perfection.  Siam niello jewelry in today's market are inexpensive due to low demand in the U.S.  However, I've found it interesting to see a much higher price of Siam jewelry in Thailand.  Therefore, it's hard to say the value of each piece.  It's all upto who, when, and where to acquire the piece.
 ~ Joy
Thank you very very much for your response and information.  For now, I think I will just keep it.  I think it would work very nicely with a simple black dress which gives me an excuse to go buy a new one.

Thanks again.
~ Jane

Hello Joy,

My dad recently passed away. He was retired Air Force and travelled in Thailand during the mid 1960's. I retrieved items out of his floor safe that included items I had totally forgotten about. I have mom's ruby princess ring, a jade ring, beggar's beads (??)..all items he had purchased on his several tdy's into Thailand (during Viet Nam war). Is there a market for these items? I can send pictures if you like. I have also have temple rubbings he made as well. Those have been framed and are hanging in my home now. I also have a bronze silverware collections still in box...absolutely beautiful but just sitting in a cupboard. Again, any market for this (probably purchased in 1967). Thanks!!!!!!! 

~ Julia

Hi Julia,
Thanks for your message!  I am glad to know that you own some of Siam/Thailand jewely.  Please send me the photos.  I might be able to find some customers for you.  Many old/antique items can be found on eBay and/or other online sites.  However, there is no guarantee about the auction price, unless you set the Buy It Now option.  I got most of my collection from eBay and Thailand.
~ Joy

Your collection is stunning. Do you know where I can find the Siam mermaid cuff braclet. It looks like your is sold.. Thank You

~ Cheryl


Dear Joy,
I own the same exact Thai Princess Ring you have on your Jewelry-For-Sale site. It is the exact one you have listed on your website - It is the second and third pictures.

You show yours as SOLD. Can you please tell me what you sold it for?

Mine has been put away for over 30 years. Just recently I have taken it out to look at.
When I got it as a gift from my sister, who was living in Thailand at the time, I thought it was too big and gaudy. Now I think it is beautiful and full of mystery. The 3 of us sisters each own one. I would appreciate it if you can tell me what it is worth.
~ Gini


After spending four years in Thailand in the 1950s and 1960s, I returned to the US and recently found that my princess rings had disappeared. One was a black star sapphire princess ring and the other was what I consider a "classic" princess ring, with multi-colored stones.

I bid for a "classic" princess ring on eBay tonight (I think it was yours), but I lost the auction. Would you be able to let me know when another becomes available? That ring was a part of my identity and I would dearly love to replace it.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

~ Abby


I truly appreciate your message and am glad to know that you had been to Thailand.  Also, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your princess rings.  What you recently saw on the eBay was not my ring.  I have not added more items on eBay lately but will certainly do so some time soon.
I have several Thai princess rings in my collection and will list them on eBay some days.  Please re-visit or I will keep you posted. 
~ Joy 

Dear Joy,

Thanks very much for your swift response to my query.  I'm delighted to know that you will be listing some princess rings on eBay, and you can be sure that I will keep checking for them.


After receiving your email, I looked at some of your stories on your website--what an intriguing life you've led!  Your mother-daughter website is interesting, too:  I just lost my own mother a year ago and think about her every day.


Many thanks again for writing; I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.


Very best,

~ Abby


Like yourself I have just discovered the recent joy (apologies, no pun intended) of collecting Siam Sterling jewellery. I live in Singapore and have recently acquired a pair of gorgeous huge Siam Sterling cuff bracelets, from an Ebay auction.

I was coincidentally doing an internet search for Siam Sterling Cuff bracelets - please note: my passion is NOT the NIELLOWARE or SIAM STERLING ENAMELWARE, but the PLAIN SILVER JEWELLERY THEY HAVE. I happened to come across your website and found to my dismay that 2 of the Siam Sterling Cuff Bracelets I liked - the one with the mermaid and the other one, had been SOLD. Would you happen to have any other such similar ones up for sale? There is a pair of Cuff Bracelets, shown on your Siam Jewelry page, with goddesses on them. Are they for sale, or are they part of YOUR collection? If they ARE for sale, I would definitely like to buy them, or any other such similar pieces you might have.
Please e-mail me on, asap and let me know. Looking forward to hearing from yourself. Thank you.

~ Rina


Sorry for having not replied to your message much earlier.  For some reasons, this month seems to be the busiest and the most enjoyable month starting from the spring recess that we were on vacation and other spring/outdoor activities.
I will begin listing more jewelry, including Siam jewelry, when I find more time both on eBay and this website.  There are some IVORY pieces that I cannot sell on eBay and I will sell them here.  Please re-visit on both my eBay site as well as this website.
I am very glad to have come across anyone who shares jewelry passion of Siam nielloware and Thai 9-Gem Princess rings.  Also, I will be more than happy if I can be of any assisitance.

~ Joy


Hi Joy,
No problem at all. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule, to send me a detailed reply AND for your apology. Like I said, I will keep checking BOTH your websites, periodically, to view your listings.
One question I had was, I re-visited your forever-joy website and have downloaded AND attached a jpeg of 2 Siam Sterling cuff bracelets to this e-mail, that I liked, would these a part of the listings on either of your websites, in the near future, by any chance? Please do let me know.
Looking forward to hearing from yourself, at the earliest. Thank you again, for your help.


~ Rina


I've enjoyed your creative website - you have some magnificent jewelry. My daughter, Cassidy who is 15 years old recently inherited her great-grandmother's jewelry after her passing. Her favorite piece is identical to the cuff bracelet with the three red stones featured on your website (although the stones in her bracelet are light blue). Do you know anything about the history of the bracelet?

Thank you for any info you can offer.
~ Roe


If I would have any info regarding of the history of this bracelet, I'll surely keep you posted.

~ Joy


I just wanted to share an experience about , today I popped to our local charity shop with my daughter. We were browsing the jewelry and I spotted this pendant, I felt really good about it, it was much discolored, the chain and face was blackened and my daughter looked at me like I was mad!! I got it home and carefully cleaned it in toothpaste (no I hear you scream) and unveiled a beautiful dainty pendant, a beautiful dancer was shining through the tarnished silver, it was very exciting, did a bit of research and now know its Siam Silver, Amazing.
~ Paula


Many thanks for sharing such a beautiful story to be part of a special addition to my website.

~ Joy


I have an old princess ring that I am not sure of the value and thought maybe you could help with. It has 9 of the pear shaped gem stones with 18 small diamonds and a large center diamond. The ring is 14k and I think white gold as well. The ring was a gift about 16 years ago on my wedding day. My friend gave it to me and told me it came from her uncle who lived in Spain. On each side of the ring by band is a braid like design with a diamond in the center.
I hope to hear from you and I can send some pictures as well.
~ Barb


Sorry for having not replied to your message much sooner.  I was away being in Thailand around the time that you've contacted me. 
With a recent rise in gold price, for 18K and according to today market (in Thailand) an estimate price is $600-$700.  The eBay price, mostly for 14K, used to be approx. $200-$350 (which mainly reflects a demand of the market).  However, these pieces are antique and they don't make it anymore.  In addition, the quality of gemstones will reflect the true price.
~ Joy 

I am so enjoying your website, thank you. As a mother & a daughter with a daughter your site is wonderful. As a Siam niello collector you have some wonderful items.

I only have 3 pieces that I have found intriguing since I laid eyes on them. 2 are bracelets& a ring. The common design with the mermaids are on one bracelet & ring & the other bracelet has 2 warriors on the backs of elephants with spears & swords. It has an unusual shape with the other 6 beings also being uncommon to most of what is seen in niello jewelry. At least it is unusual to me since I'm a newbie.

I wondered if it would be imposing on you to share a picture of this bracelet & if you could share any knowledge about it's story. Certainly you are a very busy lady as am I but if you can some a moment it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time.
~ Jackie


Thanks for your kind and warm note.  I certainly will be more than happy if you could share some photos of your Siam pieces.  One of my future projects is to make a photo book of Siam jewelry.  I've found it fascinating to put them all as a nice collection.  I believe each piece tells a story.
~ Joy

Hi Joy, I found your site while trying to locate a picture of a Thai princess ring similiar to the one stolen from my daughter's home in Texas and see you have a really close match in the second and third photos of your article. Our ring was 18K gold with the nine gemstones and about 16 smaller rubies and a larger crown ruby, special made around 1960-64. Do you have any idea as to the value of this piece? It is totally irreplacable but we need a figure for the insurance claim... can you help?  Thank you.

~ Carrol


Sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter's princess ring.  The price of antique jewelry like the Thai princess ring varies, depending on the gold percentage and qualities of the 9-gems.  From what you told me, 18K with rubies, I would estimate the price according to the retail market (in Thailand) about $400-$500.  However, the eBay price is less and around $300 (which reflects a less demand of the market).  These pieces are antique and they don't make it anymore.

~ Joy 


I have a piece of Siam silver jewlery. It is a fan shaped pin. It is silver with black inlay. I think Mekkela is shown on the pin. You have a picture of a pin very similar to the one that I have. It is the 31st grouping on your page. There are nine pieces in the group. Is your pin for sale? Do you buy jewlery as well as sell?

I live in a small town in Kansas, at almost the center of the United States. I wonder how my pin got here. My husband bought it for me at an antique store, here in Concordia,Kansas. I bet that would be a great story to know how the piece got here!

Please reply.
Thank you,



Sorry for having not written to you much sooner.  Glad also to know that you own some pieces of Siam sterling jewelry.  I have been gradually collecting Siam sterling jewelry.  I'm not sure why?  When I first got it, the silverwork was just so appealing, and before I know, the collection gets bigger and bigger.
Yes, I sell and buy jewelry.  However, I do it more for hobbies:
Hope this message find you well.
~ Joy 

I am interested in your 9 gemstone princes ring. Please let me know how much. I own one that I purchased in 1960's when I lived in Bangkok. Would love to have another.

~ Susan


Thanks for your message regarding the 9-gemstone ring.  Sorry for having not written to you earlier.  I will take more photos of the rings and share with you the price if you wish to purchase it.
~ Joy 

I have a collection of siam jewelry given to me by my Aunt. I am not particulary into the look, and am interested in finding a new home for this stuff. Do you have any advise on how to price this stuff on ebay?

Thanks so much!

~ Julie


The price of Siam jewelry depends pretty much on both sellers and buyers.  I don't know what you have for sale.  Ebay price is somewhat reflecting the direct-sale market and can give you a hint of what you can possibly make when selling on eBay.  However, it does not accurately represents a true value of the item.
If you have the photos of a collection, please let me know.  I might give you a rough estimate.
~ Joy

My house was broken into on December 23rd. The robber stole all of my rings. One of the items was an 18K multi-stone Thai princess ring size 7 exactly like the first ring you display in the 3rd column. I am now in the process of estimating jewelry for the insurance company. I would greatly appreciate it if you could be so kind to give me an estimate on the value of my ring.

Thank you for your time. Happy Holidays to you and your family.
~ Gail


I'm sorry to hear that your house got broken in.  Hope you can find some helps and things will get better soon.
Regarding the 18K Thai Princess ring and according to the market (in Thailand) an estimate price is $400-$500.  However, the eBay price is usually <$300 (which mainly reflects a demand of the market).  These pieces are antique and they don't make it anymore.
~ Joy

I own a Thai princess ring. I have had it for 38 years now and I never wear it. It is so exquisitely beautiful and needs to be with someone who will appreciate it.

So... I have decided to sell it. I have no idea who to contact or how to begin this process. Could you possibly recommend a collector or dealer that might have an interest, or at least steer me in the right direction?

Any information you can give me would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much!

~ Sheila


Thanks for your message.  Lucky you to have owned a princess ring for that long!  May I see some photos of the ring and/or can you give me more details like the major stone, size, % gold?  If it's something that I don’t have, I might consider keeping it.  Other than that, you can sell it on eBay.  If you do not have an ebay account, I can sell it for you too.
~ Joy 

A friend of mine gave me one of your pins for my birthday. I loved it - it was so beautiful. It was silver with an etching of the Goddess of Lightening. It was very simple and stunning. Do you have any more like it? I would really like to replace it. Thanks so much for your help.
~ Kimber


Can you tell me which (similar) pin you already have?
What color?  I guess niello black & white?  
I have quite a few pins in my collection.


I don't think it was niello black and white - it really looked mostly silver with black etching for the goddess. I was round or maybe slightly oval. I didn't see anything quite like that in the pictures on your website. Do you have thing that fits that description? Thanks for your help. Kimber


EBay website is another place to help you find things. 
Here is the link for Siam brooch/pin. 
See if there is anything close to what you are looking for.
Hope this helps ~ Joy


Thanks so much. That site was very helpful - there is a pin that is very similar.
~ Kimber


Your site has been very helpfull and exciting to me!

Back in august I dragged my family to a semi local town wide yardsale in Southern Oregon. We got there late, I was diapointed and wondered around, until something spesific caught my eye. There was a basket of junk jewerly, broches, etc. Two green/teal birds grabbed my attention! Wrapped like and old cheesy spoon, but much moor interesting, I pounderd it. I have no idea if this piece is just recreated junk or not but it was intriging to me. I ask the woman how much, she replies seven dollars, I haggled a little and bought it for five dollars (in my mind it was high price for a yard sale). I wear it sometimes but everyone else just glaces at. I gaze at it sometimes knowing the images in the center mean something, but what? It camn't just be a mistake in a stamp, it's too precise, the tail is not painted so shows that it has been carved.

Although it turns my thumb green I love this ring! Do you know of anyway to stop the green?

Also if you'd be intrested I can send a pic.

Thanks just for telling the story! ~ Rose


Thanks for contacting me and sharing me your story.  I would like to see the picture of the ring before I can make any accurate judgement.
~ Joy

I have a brooch that looks like jade green enamel with cut out areas from the design and backed and trimmed with gold. It is marked SIAM. This is not what I know as the silver type. Can you tell me anything about it or where I can find more information?


~ Cynthia


I have a siam silver necklace and braclet my father got in 1951 or 52 while on shore leave in thailand in the US Navy and sent them home to my mother for a gift. Now I have them and am curious what do I have and is it worth something to somones family in thailand that would appreciate it. How old could it be? Is it valuable? I can send you photos to your E-mail and will do so concerning this letter....

Here are the pictures of bracelet and necklace obtained in thailand in circa in 1950-1951 by my father.  Could you please get back with me obout what I have in my possesion? Please let me know if pictures are ok....


Thank you for your imput, I found it very helpful. Guess ill take it to the local auctioneer and sell it because after the passing of my father and mother i have found myself trying to raise money for expenses.  I was hoping it might be worth something to some family that had a history to that kingdom.  What beautiful works of art to be worth so little not seeing the light of day for 57 + years.  Again thank you for your input.
~ Rick
Thank you for contacting me.  Your photos are wonderful and show a great detail of the pieces.  Talking about antique items, the value, reflecting by prices, are dependent upon the collectors who would want to offer.  However, Ebay price, most times and somehow, reflects a fair price for both sellers and buyers while the price at retail stores is always higher.
What I see from your pieces, the bracelet is "uncommon filigreed bracelet" and in a medium demand (ref: Charles Dittell, Overview of Siam Sterling Nielloware).  The uncommon bracelet price are: Lowest: $20-$45; Average: $35-$50; and Highest: $40-$85.  Your necklace is fairly rare, very impressive, and in a high demand.  The price of Siam sterling nielloware necklaces are: Lowest: $65-$100; Average: $90-$175; Highest: $150-$200.
~ Joy

I am trying to find a siam (black and silver) ring to complete my current suite of jewelry.
What hints can you give me?
~ Ginger 


You may find Siam niello sterling jewelry at ~ Joy 

9/18/08 Hi Joy, Thank you so much. I got your gift. I love it. I am always amazed to see the different art pieces. I will charish this gift. My daughter loves it too.

I am going to see my Mom and her husband. I'll get to show it off.

Joy, what is your favorite color?

Just as soon as I can. I am going to get some photos of my earrings on to the computer. All these years so many people want me to sell my earrings I have such a array of them I do need to get some sold.
I will keep in touch. I need to get a my daughters poem for me to you.
It is very interesting. She also drew me a picture to go along with it. Just as soon as I can I will share it with you.

Thanks again. You have a quality in you that most people only dream of.

~ Mary 
I'm glad you like the gift that my daughter specially picked for you.  I also look forward to receiving your daughter's poem for you (and a drawing, if any).  It will be my honor to have it published on my website.
~ Joy 

Hi Joy, I am resting after a Epidural in my neck yesterday. I wonder sometimes if it all worth it. It meaning all these medicines and procedures. I am getting really tired of resting from procedures that just overwhelm my system.

My favorite Siam Jewelry that is a tough one. I have only screw back earrings. I would love to find Siam earrings for pierced ears.

I have pins. A ring that when I saw it I had to have it. The top is part Red the other side is Blue a great find. It spins to show one side or the other. I have that 1 ring. I wore it when I went to California to meet Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer. My husband was driving and we stopped in front of the store that had the ring. I told him about the ring the day before. He went in and got the ring. He is the best.

I knew I had to meet The dogwhisperer because I am known as The Animal Whisperer here in AZ. All I have to do is look at an animal and there is a charge. Like the one I had when I met my neighbors 2 huge pitbull 100lb plus dogs. I walked up to them and the both of them started licking and jumping up but not on me.

My neighbor said so much for my home security system.

I do so love to make jewelry when my hands allow. My husband wants me to sell it on the internet but I have yet to sell one piece. I usually end up giving my jewelry to people for special times.

It makes me feel complete. I have a box of jewelry nicely packed of my jewelry I've made. I just haven't gotten around to selling it.

It was wonderful to hear from you.
Thank you for reading,

~ Mary 


The first message I wrote without going through your whole site. I did not know if I would have the strength.

I need to tell you WOW!!
You will be hearing from me as soon as I can get my photo taken of the most precious girl of mine, her name is Pauline, she is my daughter, my strength to keep going. She is now 17.

I need to rest now.
talk to you soon.
~ Mary 


I have been collecting Siam Jewelry for a while now. It is one of my few things I am able to do.

I found a Antiques shop but her prices are way out of line. She also does not put price tags on her pieces she prices them what ever she wants and she knows I like that Siam and She marks them up.

I'm on disibility at 45 years old so I do have to make my money last.
I started making earrings with Swarovski crystals. I love this. So, just as soon as I get enough cash you will be hearing from me to buy some Siam jewelry. They are the ultimate.

Thank you for sharing them with us,
~ Mary


It's very nice of you to write me regarding the Siam jewelry.  I am sorry to hear that you're on disability.  However, I am very impressed that you are strong and find your path in bringing yourself a happiness.  Since I have quite a collection of Siam jewelry, may you please tell me which type of Siam jewelry that you saw and liked at the antique store?  I might have a special gift from me to you.  Please send me your address.
~ Joy 

I picked up a siam locket stirling silver with a blue black background and a silver figure on it can i send you a pic of it and find out what you think. Im trying to find out as much info about it as i can because i just love it...

~ Rachael 


Many thanks for visiting my website.  Please do send a photo of your Siam locket jewelry to me.  I will be more than happy to give you any info and/or thought about it.
~ Joy 

I am wondering if you can tell me about some jewelry we found in my Grandmothers drawere. It says siam sterling on thebacks, and is similar to some i have seen, with the exception that these are red. I have seen the black, and a few blue, but have not been able to find any red. It is a bracelet, earrings, and a pin. Any information would be very grateful!

You have a very friendly website.

Thank you in advance,
~ Julie  


Many thanks for your kind note regarding my "" website.  I am more than happy to assist you about Siam jewelry.  In addition to the more common "niello" (black & highlight) style Siam jewelry found in today's market, they were also made in "enamel" colors of white, red, yellow, green, and blue turquoise. Therefore, the red set that your grandmother has is just another style of Siam "enamel" sterling silver jewelry.  Nowadays, they do not produce many more of "niello" style, but rather colored enamel instead.  Your grandmother's red set could be some of the rare antique/vintage pieces.  I always treasure more of antique pieces than the new ones, anyway.
 ~ Joy 

I purchased the huge mermaid (Matcha) cuff bracelet from your website at and I just wanted to let you know that I got the bracelet today and it is just fabulous! The detailing is exquisite and it fits my wrist perfectly! It is my birthday present from my husband and I am really excited about adding it to my collection of Siam jewelry. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have also left a message on your answering machine letting you know I got it and I love it! Thanks again, and I will keep checking your new inventory. Have a great day.

~ Maureen  


I have purchased jewelry recently from you on ebay under my ebay name "goddessofgemstones" and I was so happy with my purchases (I collect Siam niello jewelry).  I found your website "Forever Joy" and saw the spectacular bracelet you have for sale - the Siam cuff Mermaid for $xxx.  I was wondering, I have a 6-1/4" wrist, would it fit me?  Also, approximately how old is this vintage piece?  I am considering adding it to my collection of vintage Siamese jewelry - it is so beautiful.  Thank you so much for any information you can provide.  Talk to you soon, have a wonderful afternoon.
~ Maureen


Last night I found your website on the internet ( You have a gorgeous Siam sterling Mermaid cuff bracelet for $xxx listed. I would like to know more about this bracelet. I have already sent you an email through my regular email, but in case you did not receive it, I am sending you an email through ebay to make sure. :)

I collect vintage Siam jewelry and I don't have anything like this mermaid cuff, so I am strongly considering adding it to my collection. I have a wrist that is about 6-1/4", would it fit me? Also, do you know the approximate age of the piece? Is there any hallmark stamped inside the bracelet? Any other information about this lovely Siam bracelet would be most appreciated. Thank you so much, talk to you soon.
~ Maureen  


In your princess ring pictures, the second picture, top row. I have that ring. My father brought it back in the late 1960's during the Vietnam war. My sister lost hers, but I never wore mine and have had it all this time. Do you know how much they are worth?

~ Carol    


I have a large Siam pin, a bracelet and a pair of earrings with the Goddess of Lightning....all in excellent condition. How can I find out how much they are worth?

~ Ellen   


I appreciate your interest in Siam Sterling jewelry and am more than happy to assist you.  The distinctive look of Siam jewelry is typically called "niello."  These nielloware items are interesting and significantly different from any other jewelry.  In addition, they show excellent craftsmanship and tell an interesting historical and Siam/Thai cultural story.  Pricing these types of jewelry depends greatly on demands and supplies.  Thailand (or Siam in the past) do not massively produce these styles anymore.  Since Siam sterling jewelry are not currently as popular as other sterling silver collectibles and the fact that they are not very old, the price could be somewhat not too high.  As time goes by, it will certainly increase in its value and rarity.  Most antique dealers will price a rare large pin between $35-$65; earrings $10-$35; and bracelet from $10 to several hundreds depending on size and rarity.
 ~ Joy 


Hello I have a piece of siam Jewelry like one in your photos. Maybe you can give me some info on it. The piece was in my Grand mothers jewelry when she pasted away. I went to a silversmith over the weekend and she (a silversmith) told me it was a Siam piece. I was excited, noone ever knew anything about. She said it is a desirable collectable, I'm excited you have the same thing on you sight. It is a pendent on a bracelet that is a teardrop shape trimmed in silver w/ white enamel w/ a dancer in the middle of it. I would never get rid of it I just wonder what the value of it may be. If you have an ideal of the value and age please let me know. Thanks for you time,

~ Vivian 


I appreciate your interest in Siam Sterling jewelry and am more than happy to assist you.  The distinctive look of Siam jewelry is typically called "niello."  These nielloware items are interesting and significantly different from any other jewelry.  In addition, they show excellent craftsmanship and tell an interesting historical and Siam/Thai cultural story.  Colored enamel, such as white (your piece) and other colors, however, give a more different look from ordinary typical black/grayish niello styles.  Pricing these types of jewelry depends greatly on demands and supplies.  Thailand (or Siam in the past) do not massively produce these styles anymore.  Regarding your piece, my estimation of its age is probably from 1960's to 1970's.  Since Siam sterling jewelry are not currently as popular as other sterling silver collectibles and the fact that they are not very old, the price could be somewhat not too high.  Most antique dealers will price this small pendant (or can be used as a bracelet charm) between $15-$35.  As time goes by, it will certainly increase in its value and rarity. 
To me, the "true" value of each piece of jewelry depends upon an appreciation of the person who owns it.
~ Joy


It was my Grandmothers piece and I always wear it and will forever cherish this pendent. I would be very interested in purchasing more any ideal where I may find something like this. 
Thanks for your help. 
~ Vivian 
The easiest place to find unique items is eBay ( and specify your search on "siam niello" or "siam silver" whichever you prefer.  You will find many more items that might be of your interest.  You can also visit my eBay store if interested.
Have a good day ~ Joy 

I have been looking for 10 years for the exact princess ring that my father got me long ago, someone broke in my home and took all of my jewerly. I noticed that you have a princess ring just like the one he gave me. I'm very interested in the one that is cone shaped, with the diamond on top, and 9 different gems, in gold. Will you tell me how much they are? The princess ring first row, the one in the middle. Please help me find one  


I am sorry to hear about the loss of your jewelry, especially the Princess ring.  I will certainly help you find one and please just have a little hope on it.  Unfortunately, I have only one gold ring in my collection with the white stones on it.  Other 9-gems gold princess rings mostly have ruby in the middle but with different designs but I still did not have their photos taken.

I will immediately keep you posted if I would ever come across one.
~ Joy


I just recently bought a princess ring at an auction. I just love the ring and I did not have any clue what it was. My ring has diamonds and not sapphires (I got it tested at a jewelers). In your pictures it looks the one in the middle in the top row. I was wondering what the approximate worth of it is and should I get appraised and do I have to go to someone special to do the appraisel? I also would like a little more information on the ring. The ring is in exceptional shape with all of the stones intact and there is no scratches on the gold. It looks as though it has never been worn. Thank You very much,

~ Shelley


Congratulations on your recent purchase of the beautiful Thai Princess ring.  There are some of them that were made using real diamond although many were used "white sapphire".  If you want to get an appraisal, please be aware that an antique jewelry item should be appraised by an antique jewelry establishment and not a modern jewelry store.  Since these Thai Princess rings become very rare in the market, the sale price can be varied depending on what kind of gemstones and the condition of the ring.  I have often found in Thailand antique jewelry market -- this special ring worth from $400 - $600.  I have realized that sometimes the eBay market is the best place for both buyers and sellers to find the best decent price.  You may get a real good deal from an auction.
~ Joy


I have a ring very similar to the Antique Thai Princess Ring that was sold from your store. In fact I also have the bracelet and earrings to match. Can you please tell me how much the ring sold for? I'm curious what these might be worth, but am a little nervous about taking them to a jewelry store for appraisal. My dad bought the set for my mother in Thailand one of the times we passed through while living in the Philippines so I know how old and how authentic the pieces are. Thanks for any information you can provide me.

~ Debi  


I wondered how much the ring might sell for 8 gems and the 19 white gems in 14k gold with the traditional design-like the one you have pictured. I have one I would like to sell from the 1960's.

~ Bernie


Hi Bernie, If possible, can you send me a photo?  It usually sells between $150-$200 (for most auctions on eBay) to $300 (eBay store's website).

~ Joy