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I have been fond of "wearing a hat" for many years.  I don't really know why?  Maybe I was used to wearing a hat since young age, especially when I went to the paddy fields with my mother.  Oh, my mother was a farmer and had to wear a hat everyday in the field, anyway.

Thailand & The Hats 

King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) was the fifth king of the Chakri dynasty of Thailand.  He was the first Thai king to visit Europe.  During his travels he had learned about many reforms needed to modernize his country.
His son -- Vajiravudh was sent to study at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst when he was only eleven years old.  Later he studied history and law at Christ Church, Oxford.  He was greatly influenced by English culture.  He then succeeded his father to become King of Siam (now Thailand) from 1910 until his death.
King Vajiravudh (Rama VI, Phra Mongkut Klao Chaoyuhua) reigned during the transition from an old-fashioned to a modernized Thailand.  One of his many modernization ideas, was that the people had to wear a hat when leaving their houses and/or being outside their homes.
Photo: King Rama VI of Thailand
Me & The Hats 

This is my first hat purchased in Belgium in 1988 -- the red "BENETTON". I wore it almost everywhere, including during the soil survey fieldtrip.
I found this brown hat, made in Russia, in Nong Khai, Thailand. It had become my favorite which I wore it when traveling to Indonesia in 1992 as well as to the United States in 1994.
This interesting batik hat was purchased in Yogjakarta, Indonesia in 1992. It's probably my most favorite one. Although part of it was already ripped off, I still love to wear it.
I found this "GAP" hat so cool and got to have it right away! It also became part of my Ph.D. legacy. Being a student at the University of Rhode Island, I had to park the car far away from the building. Therefore, I had this hat on everyday to walk down the road through the cold climate. Believe it or not -- soon after having a baby this hat became tight. I don't think the hat was shrunk though!
Being a hat lover, I also wore a hat (Left) on our wedding day which was also my birthday in 1997. 
And this hat (Right) was a wedding/birthday gift from my best friend, "Christine Chan".
I brought it with me to Thailand in 1997 and wore it almost everywhere. Sadly, I left it in a friend's car after we came back from one trip. I called my friend that night to hope to get it back the following day or some time soon. But it was never delivered and I never ever saw it again.
Fortunately, I had this black hat as another one to wear in Thailand during the same trip. I remembered showing our photos to Vinnie's family members. One of my father-in-law's comments was that, "You've got to have something on your head, hah!"
This summer "GAP" hat was purchased in 1999 before our trip to Portland/San Francisco. It's probably "the last but one" hat that I have purchased to date. 
.... I still love to wear a hat though!!!!
This white straw hat is my only hat purchased since 2003.  It went with me every year to Thailand as well as I had it on here in the United States so many times.  I still miss my wedding/ birthday gift hat though and found nothing else to replace it.  However, I am also very happy with this white hat.
Wearing a hat is absolutely my favorite thing to do.
And I am sure, my legend about "Hat & I" will still continue.
It surely passes through my child....
My Daughter & The Hats 

.... Baby Hats ....
.... Summer Hats ....
.... Winter Hats ....
               .... Easter Hats .... 
 .... and many others ....
Me, My Daughter & The Hats 

My Friends & The Hats 

If you love to wear hats, please consider being a wonderful addition
to this "hat" journal.